Restoration and Repair Costs

Restoration work is done on a sliding scale.

A Basic Clean & Buff is $15 and will include the following:

  • Everclear, sea-salt, and cottonball 24hr soak (up to 2x)
  • Clean & Ream
  • Bristle-brush cleaning of shank, mortise, draft, stem
  • Rim and Exterior clean-up
  • Quick stem clean-up
  • Buff with Carnuba and flannel.

Clean&Buff PLUS starts at $25 and includes all of the above, plus:

  • Complete Stem Restoration.   Heat removal of deep chatter when possible.  Button-work when needed.  Soaking and Stepwise sanding of entire stem with micromesh to remove all oxidation and other blemishes.   Stem will look like new, or as close as it will ever get to new.

Complete Restoration $35+:

  • Cost for complete restoration is case-by-case.
  • Complete restoration includes all of tasks described above, AND completely refinishing the pipe.   Re-finishing a pipe often involves rim-topping, light sanding, artful contrast staining, color-matching, and stain stabilization.  I can match your existing (or original) color/finish, or re-finish the pipe in the color scheme of your choice (*within reason).   A pipe that has been completely restored will essentially look new (possibly better than new).


Pipe repairs are often labor intensive and can be fraught with risk but I am always willing to discuss your potential project, and I will always shoot you straight on feasibility.  If I can do it, I will do it very well.  If I’m not the guy for the job, I promise to point you in the right direction.   Cost is case by case.

“Simple” hand-cut stem replacements start at $35.


It’s always much easier to discuss these things directly.   Please contact me and we’ll work out the details.