Restoration & Repair Services

For the past few years I have been doing professional pipe restorations and minor repairs for my local B&M’s, a few notable pipe-collectors, and for the fine folks in the online pipe-community.  Like many other people that fell into this passion, my interest in restorations came out of necessity (“champagne taste and a budweiser budget”).

Not so long ago my restoration setup included a bottle of Everclear, some PIMO buffs, and a hand-drill strapped to a deck railing.  Now I have an entire shop full of ridiculously specific and expensive tools, shelves of pipe-parts, boxes of buffs, and a full-blown obsession with cleaning up dirty old briars.   Help me help you!

From “no-names” to high-grades, I fear no pipe, and I have a hard-earned reputation for top-quality results.  I am happy to take on simple clean & buff jobs but I specialize in the challenges, and I love making the old look new.   Check out some of my past work and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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