Examples of Past Work

Barling: Ben Wade: Castello: Caminetto: Chacom and Guildhall: Charatan: Dr. Grabow and Kaywoodie: Dunhill: Ferndown: GBD: Hardcastle: Longchamp: No-Names and Misc. Group Shots: Peterson:  Radice: Randy Wiley Ovation: Sasieni: Savinelli: Ser Jacopo: Upshall: WO Larsen:

Restoration and Repair Costs

Restoration work is done on a sliding scale. A Basic Clean & Buff is $15 and will include the following: Everclear, sea-salt, and cottonball 24hr soak (up to 2x) Clean & Ream Bristle-brush cleaning of shank, mortise, draft, stem Rim and Exterior clean-up Quick stem clean-up Buff with Carnuba and flannel. Clean&Buff PLUS starts at […]