Available Pipes

My apologies but I do not have any pipes ready for sale at the moment.   I have a few custom orders to finish before I can start building up stock for the website.

For all of my projects I use the finest-quality Italian, Grecian, and Algerian briar and the best German Ebonite and Acrylic rod available.   All pipes are lathe-drilled and entirely hand-shaped.   I spend more time on each pipe than anyone ever really should, and I make sure that all the work that leaves my shop is up to my standards.  I’m really putting my heart and soul into this, and I want you to love the pipe I make for you.

Please contact me to discuss your future pipe.
I am willing to do just about any shape, with any acrylic or ebonite stem, and can build and stain the pipe to your specifications (*within reason).

Thank you for checking out the site.   It is changing minute by minute, but it’s starting to come along.