Examples of Spillcobs

Spillcobs can be modified to your specifications. From a straight-forward series of stain applications to a completely custom cob with a hand-cut shank and stem. I’ll make it happen. Please note that many of these cobs feature Forever Stems by Walker Briar Works.    I highly endorse Forever Stems and want to give credit where credit […]

CalaDogs -SOLD

These pipes were made concurrently and fitted with preformed (though hand-worked) stems.   I no longer use preformed stems but include this photo to illustrate one type of rustication I can offer.

Mini Billiards -SOLD

These miniature billiards were made by request and were really quite a challenge.    I made two at the same time, figuring that one would be a failure.   I guess I got lucky- they worked!

Banded Panel -SOLD

I love doing panels and this was my first attempt at a band.   I have come a long way since then, but it’s nice to look back and remember.